Chemical is available here.

Official release date was May 21, 2021 by COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC.


Photo credits: at top, Veronica in praying pose by C. Stich. B&W Portrait photo of Veronica with hands crossed by Johnny Camacho. Johnny Camacho (Veronica singing B&W photos on stage, and red light photo). Photo on couch by Anthony Garcia. Photo of Veronica performing on synths by Mike Gorman Photos, Raleigh, NC. Photos of Veronica and Chris with alien projection, and photo of silhouette on stage with Veronica projected in background taken at Orpheum, Tampa, FL by Ron D.  Photo of Veronica singing against red projection taken in Washington, DC by Rene Ramos. All other photos by Veronica Campbell Stich or are stills from music videos.  All photos are copyrighted and require permission for use for credit purposes. DLV logo is owned by Veronica Campbell Stich. All rights reserved. BMI registered artist, all music filed with United States copyright.

SoundCloud tracks DLV

Veronica included a track for the Electronica Saviors Vol. 6, Industrial music to help cure cancer, released by Distortion Productions and Metropolis Records .

Death Loves Veronica was featured on the Prime Edition box set.

RELEASED March 17, 2023 by Cold Transmission - The Sex Tape Sessions by Kill Shelter x Death Loves Veronica.


Veronica Stich


"The Sex Tape Sessions," released by Cold Transmission on 03/17/2023 as a collaboration between Kill Shelter and Death Loves Veronica.

April 5, 2022: Corruption for the Insidious RELEASED

Jan 14, 2022: Single release When I Was Dead (Feat. Tim Skold) from soon to be released Corruption for the Insidious album.

Dec. 2021: Veronica is featured in Precession Magazine, issue 5, which can be ordered here

Dec 2021: Sound and Vision announces Chemical as one of the Top 50 Albums of 2021 (

RELEASED April 5, 2022, Corruption for the Insidious.

​Veronica collaborated with Bari-Bari of legendary Mephisto Walz on various tracks, now included on the All These Winding Roads album.

Tim Skold (Marilyn Manson, NOT MY GOD) provides extraordinary guest guitar work on the single, When I Was Dead, which will also appear on the upcoming album Corruption for the Insidious.


Veronica is the creator, composer, and vocalist of dark electro/darkwave/ and at times, post-industrial solo  project DEATH LOVES VERONICA

Her first demo album, Vampiros Electric (2018), was widely described as a cold wave-minimalist sound created with a variety of analog synth work and distinctly clean vocals. 

Veronica's first stage appearances were at age 15 as she wrote and performed originally in punk rock. She then moved into studio work with deathrock band Veronica's Veil in the early 90s.

As the former singer of legendary, (now defunct) Veronica's Veil, Veronica opened for acts such as 45 Grave, David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets), Lydia Lunch, and has been billed alongside Kommunity FK, Fear, The Adicts, and several others. In 2000, Veil was included on a tribute album to Rozz Williams of Christian Death. After an extensive hiatus and the loss of their guitarist, Veil attempted a two-year long reformation and recorded a studio album that has yet to be released. Veil then disbanded again.

Veronica's focus became her solo project, and she released her second independent demo EP, In Nightmares, on April 1, 2019. This album retains a lot of darkwave electro sound while incorporating post-punk and deathrock elements that stem from earlier artistic roots.

​A collection of her earlier works can be found on the album Three Acts (Swiss Dark Nights). It was then followed by an experimental full-length album, Lucid Dreams.

* It was announced on January 23, 2021 that Veronica had signed on with Cold Transmission Music for the release of the Chemical album.​

The full-length album, Chemical, has a much darker electronic post-industrial sound, and was released May 21. 2021. This album was followed by an even darker album, "Corruption for the Insidious," in April of 2022.

Veronica was performing with a full live act until shows were cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Since performing solo for online fests during the pandemic, performances have remained in that format with the help of her now co-producer (performances have become limited due to severe panic attacks). 

Veronica has been vocal about the importance of addressing mental health issues and is in treatment for neurological conditions such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and Chronic Migraines. She urges people to embrace their differences and to seek help without shame.  

​Veronica has composed music and played several instruments since early childhood which helped her to cope with sensory issues, learning disabilities, and childhood abuse.

Veronica lives a culturally Jewish lifestyle, having come directly from a long line of Jews who had historical significance during the Spanish Inquisition (being imprisoned and burned at the stake for their beliefs), and during other historical atrocities.