Veronica also filmed, wrote, and directed a short horror piece entitled The Photo. This film is currently unavailable to the public and was only viewed by limited audiences as an experimental piece.

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Richard Anderson as Father Bonaparte. Production still from Bonaparte copyright Maldito Films 2015. Used with permission.

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Returned to This received two awards at the San Antonio Horrific Film Fest. One for Best Documentary and The Audience Choice Award. Returned to This was also an official selection at the San Antonio Film Festival in 2017. It remains unreleased for public viewing.

A small fraction of the film can be seen here in memory of Derek Rivers.

Veronica Stich

Completed in April 2018, The Vampire Film is documentary-style interview-style film that unravels a secret vampire project. You'll have to see it to believe it.

Hector Ayala as Mr. Bonaparte. Image from Bonaparte copyright Maldito Films 2015. Used with permission.

Completed in December 2017, Then Darkness Followed is a short, dark horror thriller currently up for consideration by several film festivals.

SEMI-FINALIST Hollywood Film Screenings 2018

WINNER Best Producer San Antonio Horrific Film Fest 2018

OFFICIAL SELECTION of The San Antonio Film Fest 2018


The screenplay is based on characters from the award-winning series, The Assassination Race by Ronnie Stich. The author wrote the screenplay centered around the embattled Father Martin Bonaparte. She was heavily inspired to delve deeper into Father Bonaparte's struggles after watching a Maldito Films production. The artistic collaboration between Maldito Films/Amistad Media and Ronnie Stich will help bring to life a dark but powerfully human story about a priest that is not at all what he seems.



Bonaparte is a screenplay that was written by Ronnie Stich for Maldito Films and Amistad Media, adapted to film and directed by Eduardo Venegas. 

Maldito Films

Amistad Media