The girls learn to work together to investigate the surprising history on Alicia's home while having a lot of fun at the same time. With the help of Kathy's eccentric aunt Marilyn and a nervous teacher named Mr. Walsh, the two girls from different backgrounds will face some unexpected twists and turns in their pursuit of the truth. And they may learn to make some rather creepy new friends along the way!



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Creepy Friends


Veronica Stich

Paperback available Summer/Fall, 2014. Suggested reading level ages 8 and up. Stay tuned and stay creepy ...

“The pace moves quickly, and is never boring. Some elements are so intriguing that you can tell Stich has a wealth of notes regarding the societies of the undead that go far beyond what she showed to us. There is no indication whether or not Stich intends to extend this book into a series but it could easily become one, and should. It would also translate well to the screen, big or small. In any format, seeing more of this world would be appealing. … Creepy Friends, by Ronnie Stich, captures this moment through the eyes of her heroine, Alicia, whose fears that her house may be haunted make her the subject of derision among her classmates, including her best friend since childhood.”-Pacific Book Review

"Creepy Friends is an entertaining novella directed towards young adults, though children may also find it enjoyable. Catchy dialog, a fun plot, and memorable characters who suffer the typical angst of that age group carry the story along. The suspense ebbs and flows as the young women find plenty of obstacles in their path to solving the mystery. Along the way, Ally learns several of life’s important lessons to help her deal with school, her peers, her family, and even her view of herself. Overall, a fun read." -Readers' Favorite

" I thoroughly enjoyed it and strongly recommend that you pick up a copy for that teenage person in your life, and when they aren’t looking sneak and read the book yourself. I would say this to the author – quite clever plot!" - The Latino Author

Creepy Friends is a captivating story about friendship that is tested by the social differences in teens. The main characters Alicia and Kathy are 13 years old and attend middle school together in San Antonio, Texas. But, Alicia is struggling at home with a terrible secret that only Kathy would understand--she is being haunted by a ghost.

Amazing cover art by the talented Steven Juliano